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3 Causes Of Crane Collapse And How To Prevent Them

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A crane collapse can happen for many reasons. No matter the reason, a crane collapse can easily cause death, injuries, and other damage. Here is a look at how these devastating accidents can happen, and how you can best mitigate them. 1. A Lack of Proper Maintenance and Testing A crane consists of various parts, and each one of those parts can suffer wear and tear independently of the whole crane. Read More»

Building A Home In A Remote Location With Difficult Soil Conditions? 3 Tips To Get It Right

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Building a home in a remote location offers many benefits, such as no noise from traffic or neighbors. To make sure everything turns out right when you start building your home, you need to take some things into consideration. This will ensure you are happy in your new home after it is finished.  Screw Pile Foundation Because you have difficult soil foundations, you need to anchor your foundation. This is because poor soil is not stable and it would cause the foundation to eventually shift, which would lead to foundation cracks. Read More»

3 Sneaky Signs Of Foundation Trouble Every Prospective Home Buyer Must Know

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Learning that a home has foundation trouble when you are considering making a purchase may not be a deal breaker, but it is definitely a problem that you will want to know about as a buyer. Foundation problems could mean everything from costly investments into repairs to future issues with stability of the entire home. To get an inside look at a home and its structure when you are thinking about making it your own, it is crucial that you get really familiar with the not-so-obvious signs that a house may have problems with the foundation that sits beneath it. Read More»

What Is The Best Construction Delivery Method For Your Project?

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There are many different tasks that need to be taken on in a construction project. One of the most important is determining which delivery method to use. To help you decide which method would work best for your upcoming project, here are the pros and cons of each available method. Design-Build Method In the design-build delivery method, one party would act as the construction manager and the architect or other designer professional. Read More»

5 Ways To Do More With Less In Your Bathroom Remodel

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Planning to remodel your bathroom but don’t have a ton of money to spend on it? You can still create a drool-worthy new bath even if you can’t have everything you want. Here are 5 tips for saving money (and time!) on any bathroom renovation.  Refinish Rather than Replace. Your first instinct when facing an old, worn tub, sink or shower is probably to replace the whole unit. But you can save time, demolition work and money by choosing to refinish or resurface things instead of buying new ones. Read More»