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What Is The Best Construction Delivery Method For Your Project?

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There are many different tasks that need to be taken on in a construction project. One of the most important is determining which delivery method to use. To help you decide which method would work best for your upcoming project, here are the pros and cons of each available method.

Design-Build Method

In the design-build delivery method, one party would act as the construction manager and the architect or other designer professional. The party chosen would have to not only design the plans for the project, but complete the construction of it.

One of the benefits of this particular method is that the price is usually guaranteed since only one party is involved in the project from beginning to end. There is also the added benefit of only one party being in charge of the project. This eliminates any confusion about responsibilities and fault if there is a problem with the project.

There is one drawback to the design-build method that you should consider. There can sometimes be a loss of checks and balances. If there is more than one party involved, there are people along the way to check and ensure everything is being handled correctly. Without those other parties, there is a chance for problems.

Design-Bid-Build Method

The design-bid-build method involves the owner of the project hiring an architect to handle the designs and plans for the project. At that point, bidding is conducted to determine which party will actually construct the building. The owner would select the bid that fits into the budget and timeframe.

There are several benefits to this delivery method. For instance, the roles of each party is clearly defined. If there is an issue in construction, you can quickly identify the responsible party and take action.

This method also offers you a chance to get the best possible price for the construction of your project. If you opt for wide-open competitive bidding, the various construction companies vying for the job will have to offer the best rates.

One of the biggest issues with the design-bid-build method is that the timeframe to complete the project could change. As construction begins, problems might occur that requires the input of the architect. At that point, the project could be halted while the architect reassesses the plans, makes adjustments, and passes them to the construction company.

If you are unsure of which delivery method would be most suitable for your project, consult with a construction company like Yellow & Green Group to get help with assessing your needs.